Official Hammer Strength Training CentreOur members are competitive in their sport or are striving to create a better version of themselves. Our mission is to help them harness their potential to achieve super human results. To do this, we need to have a very well equipped facility with a diverse range of equipment to cater for all types of athletes and the general fitness community.

Safety features are mandatory at Rucci’s Gym wherever possible and all members are expected to use them. All bench presses have adjustable face savers, monolifts have safety slings installed and machines have the necessary safety features where required.

Equipment Bars Weights Machines Strongman Conditioning
AMXF MonoliftsEleiko Powerlifting Competition BarsEleiko CalibratedEliteFTS Mondo Leg PressAWESOME AS YokeConcept 2 Rower
AWESOME AS Combo RacksEleiko Weghtlifting Competition BarIvanko CalibratedWENNING Belt SquatAWESOME AS FarmersAssault Bike
AWESOME AS Bench PressesTexas Deadlift BarsEleiko BumpersHammer Strength ISO Shoulder PressKegsProwler
AMFX ProRaw9 Dominator Bench PressOkie Deadlift BarsPendlay BumpersHammer Strength ISO Chest/BackAxle BarsSpeed Ropes
SportKraft Bench PressesOkie Squat Bar1-70kg ABC DumbellsHammer Strength ISO Horizontal RowLogBattling Ropes
Eleiko Competition Combo RackSportKraft Squat Bars4kg-80kg Russian KettlebellsHammer Strength ISO Leg ExtensionStonesSled
Hammer Strength Half RacksTexas Squat Bar8kg-20kg Pro-Grade KettlebellsHammer Strength ISO Leg CurlBagsSledge Hammer
Muscle Motion Power Racks"Duffalo" BarRubber Coated Weight PlatesHammer Strength Seated DipSand BagsMedicine Balls
JME Weightlifting PlatformsZhang Kong Competition Olympic BarMuscle Motion Steel Weight PlatesHammer Strength Seated/Standing ShrugTyresDead Balls
AWESOME AS Competition PlatformKabuki Transformer BarHammer Strength Seated Biceps20kg Weighted Vest
GHRs (Glute Ham Raise)Pendlay Olympic BarsHammer Strength Seated Calf RaiseAb Wheels
Jerk BlocksKen Priestly Power BarsHammer Strength GripperPower Bands
Safety Squat BarRogue Reverse HyperDouble Torsonator
AWESOME AS Cambered Squat BarCable Functional Trainer
AWESOME AS Swiss BarCable Lat Pulldown / Horizontal Row
Trap BarHack Squat
Fat Bars
EZ Curl Bar