Adam Yeates

Exercise Physiologist & Sports Scientist (B.ExSc.)

Adam is an Exercise Physiology graduate from the University of Notre Dame and his passion is to become a skilled exercise and rehabilitation professional, providing comprehensive analysis and prescription of exercise, whilst implementing nutritional programming and lifestyle modification.

1. What made you decide to become a PT?
Throughout my life I have believed being physically healthy and fit allows an individual to achieve a higher standard of living in all other areas of their life. Growing up in an elite sporting environment, has shown me how positively consistent hard work can impact someone life; and I want to share this value with as many people as I can through physical training.

2. What’s your most memorable moment to date with one of your clients?
For me it’s the little things. When a client is able to complete their very first chin up after 3 months of step by step progressions. Or from my clinical background, seeing a client that is finally able to reach and surpass their previous level of function after being laid off from injury for months. These are the types of wins that mean so much to the client, and so that is what makes it memorable to me
However, the single most memorable experience so far has to be taking my friend, Manuela, into her last two shows this year, and seeing her win her Bikini IFBB Pro Card at the Arnold Classic, Melbourne.

3. What’s changed about yourself since training other people?
The realization that perspective is everything. Not everyone has the same goals, or the same motivation. Paying attention to what actually matters to the client. What is perceived as success, what is hard, or what is easy by one person is completely different to what the next person may see.

4. What are some of your personal training achievements?
Whilst I have been around the training scene for over 8 years, the significant majority of this time has been spent at Uni and so most of my experience and achievements have been in clinical rehabilitation settings. To say I am excited to see what I can achieve now that I am part of the PTC team cannot be overstated.

5. What is your ultimate PT business goal?
The ultimate goal is to either run or manage a training facility that provides an absolute premium level of service. Progressively technology from elite sporting programs trickles down to semi-professional sporting settings and the private sector. I want to see the resources and technology that NFL players have be made available over time to the public. I want to see the advancements in medical technology be re-tooled and utilized not just in medical health management, but in health optimization. Think, genetic testing of gene polymorphisms, accurate testing of hormone through blood profiling, neurotransmitter profiling, non-invasive muscle biopsy examinations, all seamlessly a part of your standard program. Whilst this technology is not quite here yet, its only a matter of when, not if, this happens.

6. What’s is it about PTC that appeals to you?
Having been a part of PTC’s first Level 1 Powerlifting course I had the pleasure to see just how amazing their facility is (I highly recommend this course to absolutely anyone considering it!). The set up and equipment is absolutely world class, but more importantly, the atmosphere fostered by Dan and Paul is phenomenal, everyone is there to just work hard.

7. What was your most memorable sporting moment as a kid growing up?
Being part of the WAIS Water Polo program for 6 years and representing at the national and international levels is where everything physical truly started for me. Through this time, I was fortunate enough to train out of the to travel and play all over Australia, multiple tours to Europe, Singapore and New Zealand, this collective experience is something that I will never forget.


Exercise & Sports Science Australia – ESSA (Pending)