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Our clients have a range of personal goals including competition preparation, body re-composition, general fitness, strength training, rehabilitation and sports development – we do specialise in the sport of Powerlifting with experience in all facets of the sport. We do however manage clients in a range of other sporting disciplines including rugby, soccer, martial arts and more.

Our Athlete Management Service provides a holistic approach to athlete development and delivers a level of service other “online coaching” fails to deliver. We have coached hundreds of lifters with plenty of success from rehabilitation all the way through to elite performances on the platform.

We look forward to working with you and taking your training to the next level!

We offer three available levels of service, designed to suit your budget and support requirements. We do recommend the silver level for the most optimum level of service and support.

What can you expect?


​- Improved lifting technique using qualitative video feedback from a Powerlifting Coach.

- Increase in Platform confidence by learning efficient and safe techniques and intelligent game day coaching.

- Achieve long term, sustainable results and smash personal bests and platform performances.

- Individual planning and program design.

- Support from coaches and other team members.

Here's what Dale said...

"I’ve been with Paul for just over three years and have never once even considered changing my coach. Weve added over 200kg across the three lifts which is amazing but the numbers don’t even scratch the surface of why I rate him so highly. The Rucci's Gym approach to all of our overall health and well-being takes priority over any competition. We don’t miss lifts in training, we don’t break down from fatigue and both Dan and Paul are meticulous with the health of every person that walks in our gym. Our numbers back up that approach. 

I’ve had two injury setbacks and through the network of health professionals Paul has worked closely with to ensure I’m back at full health I’ve P.B. totaled and stood on top of the podium the next competition after both times.

Paul is an encyclopaedia of knowledge, One of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. Team Rucci isn't part time Powerlifting, it's the Mecca in WA.", Dale Smith

Here's what you get...

Digital program delivery with iOS phone app and browser support.

Qualitative video analysis to provide feedback to re-enforce and correct technique.

Individual approach to planning and program design.

You also get...

- Assessment and evaluation.

- Nutritional Guidelines with a Nutrition and Body Composition service (optional add on).

- Recovery Management.

- Competition planning and game day coaching (when available).

- A Facebook support group.

Here's what Michelle said...

For those seeking the absolute highest standard of coaching I would look no further than the Rucci’s Athlete Management Service. Dan Rucci has managed my training for over a year now and in this time all my lifts have sky rocketed. When it comes to Powerlifting the Rucci brothers are the absolute best in the game! They take into consideration all the variables, from training frequency, volume, recovery, past injuries, the works...if it is important then they factor it in to the plan.


Hitherto, under Dan Rucci’s management my total has gone from 315kg to 410kg whilst simultaneously dropping a weight class. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of coaching I have received and I would highly recommend anyone looking to progress their lifting jump on board with the Rucci Athlete Management Service. From programming, to technique help to comp day planning the Rucci's approach all aspects of client management with excellence! Whatever your goals are they will ensure you reach them!


If you are interested in working with us please fill out the form below and we will get in touch!

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