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junior strength club

A fun, structured and learning based approach to Junior strength development!

Approximately 75% of youth today do not get their 60 minutes of daily exercise. Often, focus is applied to cardiovascular & endurance training and rarely given to loading exercises. Contrary to the current stigma of resistance training, studies indicate that it is safe, effective and enjoyable.

Benefits of resistance training for youth include:

  • improving overall fitness and sports performance

  • Improve resistance to injury and disease

  • increase lean muscle mass and improve body composition

  • improving bone density and strength

  • improving mental health and confidence


The Junior Strength Club aims to counter the increasing trend of the lack of activity within the youth bracket and encourage activity in an enjoyable and safe environment. The program consists of functional movements and a broad range of exercises, all with the ability to progress into loaded (weight bearing) exercises.

Limited to 6 participants, they will be under direct and constant supervision by a qualified professional with focus on correct exercise technique, performance and biomechanics, as well as individual attention and implementation of necessary corrective movement, suitable to their abilities.

This program is not limited to increasing muscular strength. We want to encourage ENJOYMENT and also promote a developmentally appropriate environment for participants.


  • Week 1-3: Coordination, bodyweights, plyometrics and conditioning

  • Week 4-6: Introduction to loaded compound movements, plyometrics and conditioning

  • Week 7-10 – Strength development plus a combination of weeks 1-4 skills


The course is run over 10 weeks during the school terms with one supervised sessions per week - Wed 4:30pm.

Ages 10-15 years.

Nicole de Mello

$229 for 10 weeks

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