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2018 GPC Perth Cup

The 5th installment of the very popular Perth Cup was a hit! The competition was intense and the level of performances was exceptional.

First and foremost we must thank our long term supporter and sponsor, Pastacup. Stu and Siri have been big supporters of what we do for years now – thank you!

This year we had about 90 lifters register for Perth Cup. We would have expected a 120 lifter sell out but a lot of local lifters have opted for the GPC TJMES Nationals next month here at PTC. Still, a great turnout all things considered. There’s so many comps for lifters to choose from these days yet GPC WA is still growing and prospering and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the end we had 74 lifters compete at Perth Cup, 27 ladies and 47 men, with 10 full podiums and 7 of those weight classes with 5 or more competitors. That’s fantastic competition at the local level. The dominant weight classes were the ladies 67.5s and 75s, both with 7 competitors. With the men, the 82.5s, 90s, 110s and 125s were massive with 7, 11, 9 and 8 lifters respectively.

The ladies competition was dominated by Michelle Hewlett who went 410kg @ 55.75kg going 9 from 9 with a clean sweep of all the trophies – BEST SQUAT, BEST BENCH, BEST DEADLIFT and OVERALL CHAMPION. She was the only female to glossy 400+ with the closest competitor Rebecca MacPherson who was about 90 glossies behind her for overall, but had a great comp winning the 60kg class with a 342.5kg total only missing her final deadlift.

The ladies 67.5kg class was highly contested with only 12.5kg separating bronze from gold. Elle Temple missed her last deadlift of 145kg to snatch gold off Gemma Spee. In the end, only 2.5kg separating the two ladies.

20kg separated gold from bronze in the 75kg ladies with it coming down to a final deadlift again but Sally McBrydie was unable to convert to snatch the win off Danielle Sandover on bodyweight.

Only 2 ladies in the 90kg class but it was a good battle with only 2.5kg in it. Again it came down to a final deadlift with Kylie Tucker unable to finish it off to pip Ashleigh Satherley-Tua at the post.

The 110s was dominated by Tahlya Matairangi who went 425kg going 9 from 9 and Jolanda Taljaard put up a 410kg performance in the SHW class going 9 from 9 and winning MASTERS CHAMPION for the competition.

In terms of the men, 6 of the wight classes were stacked with lifters with the 90kg class being the most competitive, which we will come to shortly.

The 3 standout performances for the men were from Rait Sagor, Yianni Magoulias and Linus Lim all who won their respective weight classes. Rait winning OVERALL CHAMPION and BEST DEADLIFT and only running on 2 cylinders taking 5 attempts for the whole competition, and pulling conventional over the usual sumo. Yianni finally cracked the 750kg total, coming very close to nailing his last deadlift for 760kg but just beat the down command.

Linus took to the platform for the first time in a couple of years after dealing with life and an injury. He literally ran in to a blood bath of lifters all looking for the scalp. Adeeb Rahman and Jason O’Sullivan gave it a good crack but on the day Linus took the win. Adeeb and Jason performed very well with Jason finally cracking that 700kg total. The top 5 in the 90kg class went 700kg plus with Jessy-Ray Conlon and Taylor Chapman missing out on podiums but both lads hitting their first 700kg totals in competition.

Dale Smith was the odds on favorite in the 110s and managed to put up a personal best performance which was impressive after coming out of an acromioplasty surgery on the shoulder. Dale went 812.5kg going 7 from 9 on the day.

Surprisingly the 125s had 8 lifters with the majority from Dungeon Powerlifting. Not sure what Brad Humble aka WBC is feeding the team down there but they are some big lads. Dylan Trollip had some elbow issues after his third squat but managed to pull it together and total 775kg and taking gold in the 125s. Dylan Moltoni also put up an impressive performance and attempted 317.5kg on his final deadlift to equal Trollip but was unsuccessful – he still would have finished with silver on bodyweight.

Out of the 47 men, 12 went 700 plus – that’s more than a quarter of the competitors. 27 went 600 plus – that’s over half the competitors. So, some very impressive lifting from the men.

Overall a fantastic weekend of competition and for those of you that caught tn on the live feed, thanks for tuning in. You can catch playback the broadcasts below.

Special thanks to the crew at PTC for always stepping up and making sure these comps get run. They are as passionate about the sport and taking it to new heights and it’s their contribution that allow our events to be of such a high standard. That’s part of what being a PTC member is about. When you’re not lifting, you’re helping.

To the lifters. Thank you for supporting GPC. Good luck with your 2019 Nationals campaigns! We’re looking forward to putting up a massive team from WA! 2019 will be a big year for GPC WA.

Dan Rucci GPC WA Delegate

AWARD WINNERS MENS Overall Champion – Rait Sagor – 845kg @ 100.0kg Masters Champion – Brendon McEntyre – 727.5kg @ 107.05kg Junior Champion – Josh Woodham – 605kg @ 87.65kg Best Squat – Linus Lim – 305kg Best Bench – Adeeb Rahman – 197.50kg Best Deadlift – Rait Sagor – 345kg

LADIES Overall Champion – Michelle Hewlett – 410kg @ 55.75kg Masters Champion – Jolanda Taljaard – 410kg @ 127.92kg Junior Champion – Giorgia South – 312.5kg @ 54.7kg Best Squat – Michelle Hewlett – 157.50kg Best Bench – Michelle Hewlett – 80kg Best Deadlift – Michelle Hewlett – 172.5kg

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