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2018 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships

Wow… what a weekend. Massive. Thank you to everyone involved, especially our team who helped with the running of the comp. It’s a massive effort and there’s a lot more that goes on than people realise. The simple things like emptying rubbish bins and keeping the warmup area tidy to the officials on the platform reffing, spotting/loading and scoring – THANK YOU!

We had 128 lifters compete over the 2 days, the biggest contingent ever in WA history to my knowledge. That itself is an indication on the growth of the sport here in WA and in fact Australia.

Thank you!


### LADIES 48kg Melinda Ho – 272.5kg Nicole Tan – 242.5kg

52kg Aminta Bullen-Fuentes – 167.5kg

56kg Michelle Hewlett – 385kg Sheree Trollip – 310kg Aliesha Sharp – 310kg

60kg Renee Pullen – 335kg Rebecca MacPherson – 315kg Kirsty Illsley – 292.5kg

67.5kg Agnes Nystrom – 410kg Monica Cook – 360kg Mae-Ling Mildwaters – 332.5kg

75kg Amy Hapgood – 372.5kg Sally McBrydie – 360kg Rhyanna Edbrooke – 357.5kg

82.5kg Kiara Humble – 505kg Amanda Brown – 380kg Danielle Sandover – 372.5kg

90kg Freda Papalia – 367.5kg Fatima Delane – 250kg

110kg Claire Finch – 445kg Tahlya Matairangi – 387.5kg Kerry Lee – 352.5kg

Best Squat – Michelle Hewlett – 150kg Best Bench – Kiara Humble – 100kg Best Deadlift – Michelle Hewlett – 165kg

Masters Champion – Monica Cook – 360kg Junior Champion – Aliesha Sharp – 310kg State Champion – Kiara Humble – 505kg

### MENS 67.5kg Warren Page – 492.5kg Vinh Nguyen – 455kg Milkis Lutchman – 435kg

75kg Todd Mcfarlane – 565kg Jim Ambrose – 515kg Joshua Ryan Chila – 512.5kg

82.5kg Yianni Magoulias – 730kg Shaun Jones – 655kg Eoin Rice – 572.5kg

90kg Adeeb Rahman – 720kg Jessy-Ray Conlon – 675kg Jarrod Cavanagh – 675kg

100kg Arron Cullimore – 715kg Stefan Chinotto – 707.5kg Dominik Kuhn – 670kg

110kg Dale Smith – 810kg Tim Tomkinson – 762.5kg Francis Cowan – 755kg

125kg Dylan Trollip – 720kg Dylan Moltoni – 692.5kg Joshua Prior – 667.5kg

140kg Craig Dixon – 727.5kg Tom Chard – 675kg

SHW Peter Tua – 675kg Turama Hawira – 665kg

Best Squat – Shaun Jones – 255kg Best Bench – Dale Smith – 200kg Best Deadlift – Yianni Magoulias – 315kg

Masters Champion – Jim Ambrose – 515kg Junior Champion – Mark Inglis – 700kg State Champion – Yianni Magoulias – 730kg

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