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2018 Ladies of Lifting Novice Powerlifting Competition

The second annual Ladies of Lifting Novice Powerlifting Competition was a fantastic day. When registrations opened all 70 spots went within 24 hours, which is a common theme now with our comps. You have to get in quick! On the day we had 51 compete spread across numerous divisions. For this comp we split all the lifters in to their respective age categories or in to the open category if they were 24-39 years of age. This is a great way to see how you performed relative to those of similar age and weight.

Our novice comps are a great way to step on to the platform without the barrier of having to join a Powerlifting federation. The goal is to make sure lifters have an incredible experience so they choose to continue their journey in the sport.

Big congratulations to all the ladies who competed, many of which stepped on to the platform for the very first time. We hope you enjoyed it! If you’re up to another one, check out our events on our FB page at

Below is the full broadcast from the weekend and results. Enjoy!

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