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2018 Rucci’s November Novice Powerlifting Competition

The last novice comp of 2018 and what a massive one! This comp sold out in 5 hours when we opened it and we had 62 lifters over 4 flights on the day of the competition – incredible turnout.

Every novice comp this year has sold out and the way things are going we expect that to be the case again in 2019 as the sport continues to grow, evolve and as fresh and upcoming talent make their way to the platform.

Congrats to all the lifters who competed in this event and welcome to our amazing sport!

As usual as massive thank you to the countless officials and volunteers who are the engine behind the machine. We really do have a well oiled and refined team behind our events. Our comps run flawlessly through their efforts. Thank you!

A shoutout to some of the gyms who continuously send a massive amount of lifters to the events we hold – Dungeon Powerlifting, Smiths Fitness, PPS, House of Pain, Tuff Team and The Tribe, to name a few off the top of my head.

Thank you.

2019 is going to be a massive year for Powerlifting in WA – stay tuned!

To keep up to date with events keep tabs on our FB page at

Below is the full broadcast from the weekend and results. Enjoy!

Dan Rucci

Unfortunately SME (Sony Music) has blocked the video on Youtube due to copyright on 2 songs.

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