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2019 APU WA Cup

The 2019 APU WA Cup is a Rucci’s Gym event in conjunction with the Australian Powerlifting Union (APU).

The APU is the provisional International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliate in Australia.

The 2019 APU WA Cup is an APU regional championship for Powerlifting and single lift, in classic and equipped categories.

Meet Director - Paul Rucci

Referees - Kerry Lee, Fatima Correia Delane , Amanda Brown

Spotters/Loaders - Richard Williams, Adam Bailey, Tony Luc, Craig Dixon, Jahvarn Heremia

Weigh In Officials - Kerry Lee, Fatima Correia Delane, Nicole De Mello, Amanda Brown, Paul Rucci, Katrina Robertson

Scorers/Timekeepers Table - Dion Stewart, Kathy Morales, Lewis Lusted

MC - Katrina Robertson

Official Broadcast Recording

Mens Results

Female Results

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