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2019 GPC Perth Cup

The 6th installment of the GPC Perth Cup was a cracker! We had 112 registrations and ended up with 98 lifters competing over the weekend which is the biggest Perth Cup to date.

The caliber of lifting in local GPC meets is incredible and this one was no different. We had 14 full podiums across the mens and ladies weight classes with some intense competition to go with it. All winners go in to contention for the GPC Triple Crown - win a local 3-lift meet, the state championship and Nationals to win a share of $10,000 in prize money. A fantastic initiative that's unique to the GPC that's all about rewarding lifters. You can find the Triple Crown lists at

The ladies was dominated by defending champion Michelle Hewlett who took a clean sweep of the awards including Overall Ladies Champion. That's Perth Cup ha-trick! Competing recently at GPC Nationals where she went 440kg in the 56kg class, this time round decided to stay in the 60kg class and avoid a weight cut. Starting the competition well squatting 160kg then missed 170kg on the second due to a close depth call then again on the third at 175kg. Bench was looking good, taking 87.5kg on a second and pressing 90kg on the third only to have it red lighted due to "ass coming off the bench". She then wrapped up her competition with a 182.5kg deadlift finishing with a total of 430kg at 58.25kg bodyweight - an absolute stunning performance and doing plenty to take overall by over 50 glossies.

We also saw a return to the platform for Amy Hapgood who's really hitting her straps post-baby who went 9 from 9 totaling 482.5kg squatting 182.5kg, benching 110kg and deadlifting 190kg winning the 82.5kg ladies class by about 90kg. A classy performance with kilos in the tank, especially on the deadlift.

Newcomer Natalie Laalaai was crazy impressive. Competing in knee sleeves, squatted 220kg, benched 90kg and deadlifted 230kg for a 540kg total @ 129.85kg. She finished up third for overall but expecting big things from Nat in the next couple of years.

Sarah Finlayson-Davies was our ladies Masters Champion this year who totaled 300kg weighing in at 54.9kg.

Our ladies Junior Champion was no stranger to the platform, Aliesha Sharp. She totaled 377.5kg @ 59.15kg getting ever so closer to that 400kg milestone total.

Outside of that there were numerous other ladies go 400+ including Kerry Lee, Jessie Toms and Ebony Waru. Fantastic lifting for her first sanctioned competition.

Ladies Awards Best Squat - Michelle Hewlett - 160kg Best Bench - Michelle Hewlett - 87.5kg Best Deadlift - Michelle Hewlett - 182.5kg

Masters Champion - Sarah Finlayson-Davies - 300kg@54.90kg Junior Champion - Aliesha Sharp - 377.5kg@59.15kg

Overall Champion - Michelle Hewlett - 430kg@58.25kg

The mens competition wasn't quite one sided with some brilliant performances across most of the weight classes. The 90kg class was by far the most contended with 5 men going 700kg+ with 3 of them only separated on body weight, incredible.

Dylan Moltoni managed to put up an impressive 842.5kg total at 124.5kg going 9 from 9 and clinching the gold medal on the last deadlift from Trent Harris. That 322.5kg deadlift also secured him the mens Overall Champion. A fantastic way to end the competition.

Trent Harris made a comeback to the platform after dealing with a pec injury a couple of years ago and should be very proud of his 840kg total. Squatted 350kg and narrowly missed the 365kg third attempt on depth. His 350kg squat was enough to win him mens Best Squat of the competition. Trent has a big future and look forward to seeing him move on to bigger totals and fill out the 125kg class - he weight in at 120.1kg. He also did plenty to secure the mens Junior Champion award.

Rait Sagor the Estonian god made a return to the platform after dealing with some shoulder and hip issues. He went 790kg squatting 320kg an deadlifting 330kg putting up a very conservative bench of 140kg. No surprising he won mens Best Deadlift for the 330kg. Far from his best total of 950kg, it's great to see him back on the platform and building to his best performance, which we all know is yet to come.

James Stevens made a quick return to the platform after competing at GPC Nationals in June and added 5kg to that total, doing enough to win an extremely competitive 90kg class going 747.5kg and was lucky to even make weight after struggling with his weight cut.

Local legend Yianni Magoulias opted to compete in sleeves and pulling conventional and went 660kg in the 82.5kg class taking gold and perhaps looking to take out the GPC Triple Crown again this season.

An obviously injured Adeeb Rahman won the mens Best Bench with that 200kg press. Unfortunately Adeeb only squatted 80kg due to an injury otherwise he would have been right up there in the mix with the other 90kg men.

Our mens Masters Champion went to Mark Brazier who's made a return to the platform going 642.5kg @ 96.10lkg.

Overall the mens competition was of a very high standard with 3 x 800kg+ totals and 13 x 700kg+ totals. It's great to see even locally that lifters are chasing competition, which is what it's all about. In fact we saw Dylan Moltoni take mens Overall Champion simply because he was pushed by Trent on his third deadlift. It's no surprise that competition beings out the best in lifters.

Mens Awards Best Squat - Trent Harris - 350kg Best Bench - Adeeb Rahman - 200kg Best Deadlift - Rait Sagor - 330kg

Masters Champion - Mark Brazier - 642.5kg@96.10kg Junior Champion - Trent Harris - 840kg@120.10 kg

Overall Champion - Dylan Moltoni - 842.5kg@124.50kg

Winning totals in each weight class:

Men 75 - 535kg 82.5 - 660kg 90 - 747.5kg 100 - 790kg 110 - 800kg 125 - 842.5kg 140 - 750kg 140+ - 690kg

Ladies 52 - 255kg 56 - 330kg 60 - 430kg 67.5 - 320kg 75 - 392.5kg 82.5 - 482.5kg 90 - 365kg 110 - 425kg 110+ - 540kg

Official Scoresheets

Also available on OpenPowerlifting at

Day 1 is split in to 2 parts due to a technical issue we had with the feed. Day 2 may not be available due to YouTube blocking the video due to copyright. *face palm*

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