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2019 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships

Another GPC State Powerlifting Championships is over! Another brilliant competition with plenty of competition across the weight classes.

This year, with the introduction of the GPC Western Classic in January, we expected numbers in this event to be lower than last year, which is what happened. That's ok as it has provided more opportunity for lifters to compete and put up qualifying totals for GPC Nationals.

This year, Nationals will be held in Glenelg (South Australia) and plenty of WA lifters are sitting in qualifying positions with only one more qualifying event to be held (VIC States). We're hoping we can take a mammoth team from WA to represent at this years Nationals - we always manage to take over a pretty decent team.

Congrats to out two State Champions this year. Michelle Hewlett the standout female totaling 427.5kg @ 55.8kg who won by about 80 glossies and was the only female to hit a 400+ co-efficient. Michelle is now preparing for the KERN US Open coming up in April - best of luck!

The mens competition was a lot closer. Yianni Magoulias suffered a pec injury in his bench which impacted his total and Dale Smith ceased the moment to win by about 1 glossbrenner, so very close. Dale went 835kg @ 109.3kg! Both Yianni and Dale will qualify for Nationals this year and will head over with the team.

This year to add another dynamic to the event we introduced the new CLUB CHAMPION trophy which was awarded based on points accumulated through winning medals - Gold 3, Silver 2 and Bronze 1. This year we (Rucci's Gym) took it out with 55 points. I am hoping more clubs get behind this next year as it really helps tie things together. Regardless of who wins, it's about supporting each other and the sport. If we all compete against each other, we push each other to new heights, and we all get stronger together.

Special mention to Dungeon Powerlifting, Smiths Fitness, House of Pain and The Tribe for bringing in sizeable teams. Thanks for the support and look forward to next year! Maybe we will introduce a team trophy for Perth Cup this year!? We shall see.

GPC in WA is continually growing and it's great to see so many new lifters hit the platform, may of them starting out in our novice comps. Someone one said novice comps were a waste of time and how they couldn't be more wrong. We've found our novice comps are a fantastic platform to introduce new lifters to the sport and they all sell out, the numbers don't lie.

Until next year!

Dan Rucci

GPC State Delegate


🙋‍♂ Mens Best Lifts (on formula) Best Squat - Yianni Magoulias - 280kg Best Bench - Andrew Nguyen - 180kg Best Deadlift - Yianni Magoulias - 290kg

🙋‍♂ Mens Powerlifting Overall Champions (on formula) State Champion - Dale Smith - 835kg @ 109.3kg Masters Champion - Brendon McEntyre - 780kg @ 107.15kg Junior Champion - Trent Harris - 790kg @ 112.45kg

🙋‍ Females Best Lifts (on formula) Best Squat - Michelle Hewlett - 157.5kg best Bench - Michelle Hewlett - 85kg Best Deadlift - Michelle Hewlett - 185kg

🙋‍ Females Powerlifting Overall Champions (on formula) State Champion - Michelle Hewlett - 427.5kg @ 55.8kg Masters Champion - Dani Pearsall - 372.5kg @ 60kg Junior Champion - Aliesha Sharp - 362.5kg @ 58kg

State Team Club Champions - Rucci's Gym (55 points)

Mens 75kg to 100kg Results

Ladies 52kg to 75kg Results

Mens 110kg to 140kg+ Results

Ladies 82.5kg to 110kg+ Results

Unfortunately the day 1 broadcast was blocked by YouTube for copyright violation on one 2-min song - thanks!

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