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2021 Award Winners

Last Saturday night we had our annual Christmas Party & Awards Night. At the end of each calendar year we recognise the efforts of some of our club members in a variety of award categories.

Congrats to all of our winners, very well deserved!

PM Strength Club

Most Improved

Karl Deegan

Karl has been with us since Early November 2019. On the week of the 20th January 2020, he completed his first 1RM testing with us, where he managed a 110kg Squat, 110kg Bench, 150kg Deadlift. Fast forward to around Mid-October 2021, he achieved a 160kg Squat, 125kg Bench, and 200kg Deadlift.

Not to mention, he also took the courage to step onto the platform in one of our novice competitions earlier this year. And regularly attends the conditioning session.

The time he has dedicated himself to Strength Club, and his positive attitude to give things a go, is admirable and that is reflected by the strength he has gained.

PM Strength Club

PM Most Committed

Declan Pallace

Declan has been with us since early December 2020. Since then, he has been very consistent with training and is always taking on feedback with his nutrition and technique. And, because of that his squats, bench and deadlift, and his body composition have all made steady progress.

Session attendance is the bare minimum for Declan, he trains hard, doesn’t fluff around, and loves every second of it.

AM Strength Club

Most Improved

Angelo Cotellessa

From the last 1RM testing phase to the most recent, this guy has come leaps and bounds!! After a back bending attempt, and an inspiring pushup challenge, he managed to not only increase his overall total by 25kg, but the technique on the squat was technically faultless and attracting the eyes of many. The grind on his deadlift was inspirational, and had the gym roaring in support. Been awesome to see the progression Angelo, great work!

AM Strength Club

Most Committed

Nick Ruggiero

This guy hardly misses a session, even bringing the euro cup final to the gym and having us all gather round to watch to the final win for Italy and making his bro sessions with mates on alternative days. He is shedding for the wedding and the guy with the best tic toc variations. Despite injury, he shows up and does what he can even if it means using every hammer strength machine we have. Nick is stronger and more jacked, and definitely the most committed

Most Improved Lifter - Awarded to a lifter who has shown significant overall improvement in their lifting. Someone who also represents Rucci’s Gym in the highest standard and gives back to the sport.

2 winners of this award this year

Our first winner is very well recognisable in the gym. The afro, the arms. He competed in two APL meets this year adding almost 50kg to his total between meets which was about 4 months. He's also given back to the sport through volunteering.

Congrats Adam Bedi

Our second winner is somewhat of a quiet achiever. He comes in, doesn't make a big fuss, gets on with his training and on top of that is an all round top bloke to have around the gym. He's nudging closer to that 300kg squat every time he steps on the platform and we hope he cracks it in 2022.

Congrats Cameron Langeberg

The Lazarus - Lazarus was a guy who came back from the dead. This award is to acknowledge a lifter who has overcome obstacles and injury to get back on the platform and excel.

Unfortunately, injuries in our sport happen. We all push our bodies to the absolute limit trying to squeeze every ounce of performance we can. This years winner suffered a back injury and had to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation process. She did however stick it out and came back to put up her first 400kg total at this years GPC States.

Congrats Rebekah Moyle

Most Potential - A lifter who demonstrates massive potential in the sport.

We're always on the lookout for lifters who display potential for great things. We refer to them as emerging talent. In this case, he has emerged and is undoubtedly displays huge amounts of potential. This year he added 50kg to his total between GPC States and Perth Cup, he pulled his very first 300kg deadlift and 700kg total. This kid is 22 years old and is going to be a lifter to watch in years to come.

Congrats Taj Smith

Members Choice

2 winners of this award this year

This person "puts back into the sport at every opportunity".

This person "is always at meets doing what she can, always helping with weigh ins"

This person "is always helping at comps, one of the main organisers of ladies of lifting helping promote women getting into the sport and also brings baked goods in occasionally."

Congrats Dion Stewart