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2nd APU Australian Classic Powerlifting Championships

Full Results

Category Overall Champions

Special Olympics Female Champion

Emily Proberts with a push pull total of 147.5kg

Special Olympics Male Champion

Brian Wakefield with a push pull total of 192.5kg

Sub-Junior Female Champion

Isabelle Hemmings 310kg @62.55kg (536.53 IPF Points)

Sub-Junior Male Champion

Jonathan Phlekduch 532.5kg @72.75kg (572.09 IPF Points)

Junior Female Champion

Julianne Thammavong 360kg @61.9kg (629.04 IPF Points)

Junior Male Champion

Hussien Alaouie 718kg @82.8kg (731.67 IPF Points)

Master I Female Champion

Kirsten Ramage 370kg @65.05kg (631.79 IPF Points)

Master I Male Champion

Ray Owen 660kg @92.55kg (618.41 IPF Points)

Master II Female Champion

Louise Sutton 282.5kg @55.85kg (513.68 IPF Points)

Master II Male Champion

Eric Dumas 648kg @92.35kg (606.48 IPF Points)

Master III Female Champion

Helen Bishop 238.5kg @51.2kg (446.99 IPF Points)

Master III Male Champion

Romano Gaspardis 506kg @91.8kg (456.84 IPF Points)

Master IV Female Champion

Valerie Silver 205kg @56.95kg(361.88 IPF Points)

Master IV Male Champion

No masters IV men competing

Open Female Champion

Rachel Jones 418kg @56.15kg(771.75 IPF Points)

Open Male Champion

Leonardo Sucitra 670kg @73.55kg (735.84 IPF POINTS)

plus Prize packs from Powerlifters Prevention & Preparation.

Prize Money

Male & Female overall - $1250 each

Rachel Jones with 418kg @56.15kg (771.75 IPF Points)

Leonardo Sucitra with 670kg @73.55kg (735.84 IPF POINTS)


determined on highest IPF points

State Champions

Junior(&Sub-Junior) State Team Champions

New South Wales

171 Championship Points

Open State Team Champions

New South Wales

110 Championship Points

Master(M1-M4) State Team Champions

New South Wales

117 Championship Points

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