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Jack Knowles - Client Spotlight

Jack has been working with Dan Rucci since January 2019 and is a fantastic example of a lifter who has embraced the coaching process and as a result has made significant improvements all round.

He is currently preparing for the GPC WA Invitational and is looking to add more kilos to his best total of 777.5kg he set earlier this year at GPC WA States Western Classic. In fact we could possibly be looking at an 800kg total but time will tell.

When Jack started his best deadlift was about 230kg and it wasn't the most technical lift either. Since then he has pulled 272.5kg in competition.

Part of the coaching process is monitoring progress over time and we do that a couple of ways. One way is using bar velocity.

The videos shows two separate training sessions, both of which are in competition preparation. The first (April 2021) was in preparation for GPC States, his last comp. The second (September 2021) is in preparation for the GPC WA Invitational coming up at the end of the month.

We use bar velocity in this example (which will help determine RPE) to gauge progress and his current potential 1RM. You can see since April his deadlift has improved significantly with a maassive increase in bar velocity at 245kg - this tells us we are coming in hot. With two deadlift sessions remaining before he competes, we are potentially looking at another PB deadlift on game day - that's what the data tells us.

Jacks progress is not an accident. He's trusted the coaching process and as a result has yielded kilos on the bar on all three lifts. You can follow in his footsteps! Get in touch with us and let's chat.

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