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Keep Laying Bricks - Eventually You Have A Wall!

So what is the underlying message... HAVING PATIENCE. It's a virtue, as that say.⁣ derivatives of each other - we're literally saying the same thing just in a slightly different way. If the message resonates with one person then it's job is done.⁣

So what is the underlying message... HAVING PATEINCE. It's a virtue, as that say.⁣

Anyway, moving on.

So what does laying bricks and building a wall have to do with anything? Good question.⁣

Well... when we talk to our lifters about progression and laying a foundation we explain to them that each training session is effectively them laying a brick. With each subsequent brick they are closer to their end goal.⁣

Now not all training sessions are created equal. In fact we like to use the 80/10/10 rule here where 80% of your sessions will be "ok", 10% you'll feel completely off and then the other 10% you'll feel superhuman. Sometimes lifters feel those bad sessions are wasted or unproductive. That's actually very far from the truth. ⁣

If you go back to the brick wall analogy here. Sometimes it's important to get the session done, even if you don't feel like it. The bricks don't lay themselves and sometimes getting in to the gym and getting it done is just what you have to do. You need to think about the bigger picture.⁣

So next time you feel like missing a session or can't be bothered, remember you are denying yourself an opportunity to lay another brick in your wall!

If you need some help building your wall check out the info on our Powerlifting Coaching at

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