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Knee Wraps - Paul wrapping James

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

This morning I wrapped a few lifters preparing for Perth Cup. This is James.⁣ He likes a below the knee anchor, with 4 revolutions up, then 3 crosses before we pull the wrap through to fasten it on the 4th cross. The wrap he uses is a Lilliebridge 2.5m wrap. You can purchase them of Loaded Lifting (link below).⁣ ✔ Below the knee anchor⁣ ✔ 4 revolutions up, nice and neat⁣ ✔ Cross over the knee to 'catch' the knee⁣ ✔ Pull the wrap under the last cross to fasten⁣ ✔ Pull the wrap through to form a 'bunny ear', this makes it easy to pull off after the squat⁣ ⚡ Start with a light wrap.⁣ ⚡ Sink into the tension of the wrap, do not avoid the tension or you will fall forward.⁣

... Paul Rucci

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