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Long term client progress – Dale Smith

Took the time to review some long term progress with Dale, and I’m very pleased with these results.

Dale came to me with a best squat of 200kg, bench 150kg (touch and go) and a 275kg deadlift. (2/7/15).

His first sanctioned competition was the 2015 GPC Perth Cup. He squatted 210kg, benched 145kg and deadlifted 282.5kg. (19/09/2015)

Last weekend Dale went 290/200/320 for 180kg@109kg bodyweight.

Currently his best competition lifts are a 300kg squat, 200kg bench and 320kg deadlift.

I’ve charted his progress through the entire period of working together and check out his progress!

For each competition my clients receive a competition plan, which includes a planned total (in a range), represented by the orange and grey lines. The blue line is his actual result.

I love the way he has progressed to the top of the podium in that time too.

Huge congratulations to Dale for his hard work in and out of the gym. It’s such a pleasure working with this unit. Jesus I love this guy.

If you want to compete in Powerlifting, then hire a Powerlifting coach, not a part timer.

If you are looking for a Powerlifting Coach get in touch with us.

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