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Masters Powerlifting

A lot of focus in the sport is on the new talent coming through with the teens and juniors. Sure, they are the rising stars so to speak with hidden gems in the mix. No doubt, they are very important.

However, there is one group of people that are actually equally as important, the Masters.

In Powerlifting, you are a Master at 40 or older.

We feel like being a Master is somewhat of a badge of honor. The fact you are still out there, leaving it all on the platform and doing your best is incredible. It's tough. As we get older our bodies change and we need to adapt. Training load generally reduces and the types of exercises may even change to work around issues.

We know a few Masters who have been lifting for decades and it's very common to hear them talk about how they used to do so much and now they just can't, although they want to. The will is there, just not the way. In saying that we've seen some Masters lifters put younger lifters to absolute shame in the gym with their mental fortitude, grit, and effort. They are no stranger to working hard, that's for sure.

There are also Masters lifters who have just found the sport, and they love it. The sport provides an outlet where they can express their strength and work towards goals. It's re-energising in a sense! We work with a lot of new lifters who are Masters and they all tell us they wish they had found Powerlifting earlier in life but are so happy they did, because it's done wonders for their mind and body.

There is also something really special about Masters. EXPERIENCE. They have been there and done that whether it be training, Powerlifting, or life. Next time you are at a meet, find a Masters lifter and have a chat, you'll be stunned at the knowledge and perspective they can give.

Most comps don't include age divisions but in 2023 the GPC and APL State Championships will. We're looking forward to giving Masters lifters a platform in our venue to express and showcase their talent!

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