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Peaking For Competition

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Powerlifting is a sport requiring a well timed plan in order to perform at an optimum on the platform.⁣

Well 𝘥𝘶𝘩𝘩𝘩𝘩.... I think we all understand that, but it's mind boggling how many lifters we see get this totally wrong so often frying themselves in the weeks before the comp leaving their best lifts in the gym.⁣

You've seen it before. A couple of weeks from a meet a lifter posts PB after PB of "gut wrenching, RPE 99, max effort, not a bees d**k in it" lifts, completely destroying themselves.⁣

Then meet day comes around, they "underperform" and their insta post says things like "didn't sleep the night before", "had a stomach ache all morning and couldn't eat", "I should have got white lights", "I wasn't feeling it", "I left kilos on the platform" (lol, yea right, you went 3 from 9 mate), "the wind was blowing in from the east which doesn't suit my lifting" or "the music was too low". You get the point. Excuse after excuse as to the reasons why they didn't perform. Give me a f**kn break! ⁣

Take responsibility!⁣

What you've actually done is completely botched your preparation frying yourself and essentially "peaking" to early, all for some instagram likes. NO ONE CARES! Stop preparing for instagram and start preparing for competition!⁣

OK ... now that's off the chest...⁣

Peaking is about preparing a lifter to perform at their absolute best ON THE PLATFORM. It may look different from lifter to lifter, particularly from a beginner to an elite lifter or masters lifter.⁣

We've taken lifters through hundreds and hundreds of competition preparations and the one piece of advice we can give you is less is more. You don't have to go in to each session finishing on an RPE9-10 leaving no gas in the tank for subsequent sessions and eventually burning yourself out. There's zero value in that. You want to be going in to each session and coming out of each session feeling confident in your ability and where things are heading. Don't let your ego get in the way and start loading up the bar to "see how it feels". *eye roll*⁣

Get through a prep feeling fresh and confident and you'll be surprised the result.

Competition preparation is a massive part of what we do and we have it down to a fine art. Check out the info on our coaching at

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