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Rebranding to Rucci’s Gym


PTC PERTH rebranding to RUCCI’S GYM!

After spending some time considering, we have finally decided to rebrand our gym to “Rucci’s Gym”.

Before we get to that let us make something 100% clear. We will continue doing what we do, that will not change. Our passion for running a premier strength gym paired with promoting and running Powerlifting will continue. In fact, as normal, we want to keep stepping it up and improving what we do. There’s plenty more to come!

A big thank you must go out to the man who got us started with PTC, Markos Markopolous. Thank you for your faith and belief in us. We first met Markos about a decade ago through car forums and then Dan made the trip over to Frankston to finally meet the man behind the posts. From then we have bled PTC, as we do to this day. It will always be our story with our values and culture originating from that garage in Frankston. It’s significance will never be forgotten.

Markos, we hope we have been able to prop up the brand and help make it what it is today. You’ve been a friend for many years now and that as well will not change. Thank you.

To the friends, family, clients, members, lifters and fanatics who have been on this journey with us, thank you for the support. You inspire us to continue achieving and pushing the gym and sport forward. Thank you so so much.

Big thank you to our wives, Heidi and Taryn, who put up with more than anyone can imagine. Two awesome women.

Over the next couple of weeks we will begin the big task of transitioning over to Rucci’s Gym. Social media accounts will start to change this week and the final stage of gym signage will happen on November 15th, marking the official changeover date.

Rucci’s Gym has history of it’s own. Established 2010 in Pauls garage, we trained with a couple of friends before eventually opening PTC Perth in June 2012. The name Rucci’s Gym always stuck, even after all these years. So, this transition, while may come as a surprise to some, actually feels very natural for us.

Our new logo has some significance which we spent some time brain storming. As many of you know, we lost our dad, Ron, in January 2014. Since then we have dedicated our gym to his memory. What better way to honor our dad than to include some subtleties of his favorite teams colours and shield shape – AS ROMA. We love it, we hope in time, you will too. #stRONg

More soon, for now, thank you!

Paul and Dan Rucci Rucci’s Gym Premier Strength Facility Est. 2010.

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