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Technical Tip: The Squat Walk Out

An often overlooked part of the squat is the walk out. Lifters focus so much attention on being efficient and economical during the lift but pay very little attention to what is happening prior. Remember the lift starts before you un-rack the bar.

The squat walk out is something we often see completely butchered. You don't need to walk the bar half way around the gym! So many times we see videos where lifters waste so much energy taking 400 steps to position themselves so by the time they have to squat they're spent.

We like to teach 3 variations of the squat walk out with the 3-step being the most popular. We do find the more weight on the bar the more consideration the walk out needs so lifters moving some serious weight may find a 4-step walk out a little "easier" to manage. But to be honest it's a very personal thing. Like always, the principles remain the same it's just the application which can differ from lifter to lifter.

The image shows each walk out sequence pretty clearly from the 2-step to the 4-step walk out. Always un-rack with feet together and under the hips - don't split stance the un-rack, which we see a lot of. Remember each set/rep is an opportunity to practice, so be 100% every single time.

Be sure to brace and lock that bar in to that upper back creating a nice stable shelf for the bar. Proceed to un rack once you are ready. Let the bar settle then make your first step. From there the steps are self explanatory if you follow them in the image.

Our advice is to try all 3 and see what feels best and works the best for you. Once you determine the one you want to use, stick to it and use that walk out every single time no matter what weight is on the bar. The walk out must become an autonomous pattern allowing you to execute with precision under pressure.

If you need some help with this or anything else, feel free to reach out.

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