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Top 5 Excuses

We talk to a lot of people who think they want to be fit and healthy BUT all they really give us are EXCUSES as to why they can't.

The TOP 5 common excuses we hear are:

1) I don't have time.

2) I am too tired to exercise.

3) I can't afford a gym.

4) I am not motivated to exercise.

5) I don't want to exercise alone.

Do you think people that get results never had the same excuses? Of course they did. We're all very similar we just need to find out what makes us TAKE ACTION!

Now let us flip the script a little here and give you a response to each of those 5 common excuses.

I don't have time: If something is important enough to you then you'll make time. To achieve you need to sacrifice. Take a good look at your day and you'll notice very quickly where you waste copious amounts of time, watching TV for example. Do you want to watch sexy people on TV or do you want to be one?

I am too tired to exercise: One of the best ways to influence your energy levels positively is to actually get off your ass and exercise! We've seen this so many times where clients literally turn their energy levels around after starting to do some regular exercise.

I can't afford a gym: Stop thinking about exercise as an expense but an investment in yourself. Change your mindset! It's no secret that exercise means a healthier you, which means you spend less time and money being sick!

I am not motivated to exercise: Motivation comes from achieving and positive reinforcement that what you are doing is working! Trust us, get started, once you see results that will help keep you motivated to continue. Action creates motivation. not the other way around.

I don't want to exercise alone: No one said you ever had to. In our gym we have options for semi-private training where you will be training in a small group with other people just like yourself, all under the guidance of one of our strength coaches.

So the question really is are you just going to make excuses or TAKE ACTION and responsibility for the things you want?

If you want to do this, we're here for you and we can get you started with the right tools, support and coaching.

Let's do this! Get in touch!

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