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Vin Coetzee - Transformation

We're primarily known for Powerlifting and strength training, but that doesn't mean we can't put together an outrageous package for the stage. You've all seen ICN Pro Paul Rucci right? Well... meet Vin Coetzee.⁣

He's been working with us for a couple of years now and coach Vinh took over his training from January 2021 with the goal of stepping on stage at ICN Season B, this coming weekend.⁣

Check out that front on before and after pic - insanity! At 17 years of age, Vin has worked hard, followed the advice of his coach and should be very proud of his transformation to the stage.⁣

This weekend Vin will be competing at ICN Season B in the following divisions:⁣

Men's Fitness First Timer Class 1 ⁣

Men's Fitness Under 23⁣

We wish Vin the best of luck on stage and we're sure he's going to make us very proud - he already has.⁣

Interested in being our next stage competitor, get in contact with us!

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