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Zac Fryer - Client Spotlight

Zac has been working with Elliot for just over a year now. In this time Zac has grown a lot both physically (up over 10kg on his frame) but also in his maturity in his approach to the bar. In his Technical Evaluation (TE) week he squatted 120kg, benched 110kg, and deadlift 140kg. His best lifts to date are now 200kg, 140kg, and 205kg respectively. Needless to say this is some serious progress, and he's just getting started.

Kilos on the bar aside, what Elliot really respects and enjoys about coaching Zac is his enthusiasm and ability to listen and take on board feedback and criticism. It’s this coachability that will really take Zac places.

Our team can help you the same way we did Zac, more info on our coaching available at

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