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The sport of Powerlifting is a big part of what Rucci’s Gym is involved in. Our mission is to promote the sport as professional, well run and available to anyone from the beginner to elite.

Rucci’s Gym runs numerous novice competitions throughout the year to help introduce and nurture new lifters to the sport. At this style of entry level competition, new lifters can learn the ins and outs of what it’s like to step on to the platform with the right equipment, rules and officials in place.

Rucci’s Gym has a large Powerlifting team of over 100 lifters who are committed to the sport and continually strive to improve not only themselves but the team around them. Rucci’s Gym is represented at competitions around the country with some fantastic achievements.


Dan Rucci is the WA delegate for the GPC (Global Powerlifting Committee) – the largest Powerlifting federation in Australia. This comes with the responsibility of promoting the sport, the federation and to carry out sanctioned GPC competitions in WA. Two of the premier GPC competitions run each calendar year are the Perth Cup and the WA State Titles.

Paul Rucci is an APL Australia Meet Director and is responsible running sanctioned APL competitions.

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The Powerlifting team at Rucci’s Gym is welcoming to new lifters whether you are a complete beginner or elite . Strength isn’t measured in kilos on the bar, it’s more about mindset. Everyone starts somewhere. Lifters aren’t born squatting 300kg, it takes discipline, hard work and the right environment – of which Rucci’s Gym has.

If you are interested in being a part of what we do and joining our team then contact us.

Dan and Paul Rucci are proud to support the Westside vs The World documentary as Executive Producers.

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