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Icepower 125asx2 Designer Manual (Latest)




The problem is resolved by routing the DC power to the chassis, using the 4-pin and the Molex connectors located at the bottom of the auxiliary power supply (in fact the exact same connectors as the 4-pin Molex used in the module's main power supply). New: Single unit and l- and r- versions with external DC power supply. The amplifiers have a lower noise figure in amplifier mode and thus are suitable to drive the ribbon cable as well as other single ended devices (e.g. speakers). Also the volume knob can be used to adjust the volume without any changes in the output level. The ICEpower 125ASX2 has a higher noise figure in standby and can be used to drive the ribbon cable without any noise interference. The power supply can be adjusted via a 4-pin Molex (10% tolerance). The power supply can be adjusted via a 4




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Icepower 125asx2 Designer Manual (Latest)

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