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Amanda Brown

Personal Trainer

Amanda has been a personal trainer for 7 years now. The driving force behind Amanda’s passion is to help people enjoy being fitter and stronger through exercise allowing them to enjoy a healthier better quality of life as a result. Over the years she has worked with a number of people and feels that the best steps forward to a better quality of life is to build small milestones towards the end goal. The key to any success comes from consistency and compliance in any discipline.

In an effort to provide a better service for her client base and expand on her qualifications, Amanda is currently enrolled at ECU studying Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. This will help her to further help clients in a more holistic approach.

Elliot Burton

Strength Coach

Nicole de Mello

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Following the birth of her daughter, Nicole began investing into her physical and mental health and wellbeing by building on her strength and fitness. She grew a hobby into a passion and qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2015, where she joined the team at Rucci’s Gym. The last 4 years have seen Nicole working specifically with the female and youth populations, utilising resistance exercise as a vessel to enhance their quality of life and purpose.


In order to further her education and expand her knowledge in the field. Nicole is currently completing her Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at Edith Cowan University.    

Taryn Rucci

Clinical Nutritionist (B.HSc. ANTA)

Taryn graduated from Endeavour College in Perth in 2017 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). She has over 400 hours of clinical experience supporting client with a wide range of health challenges.

She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and HR) from UWA.

After her diagnosis of Coeliac disease in 2004, she made the connection to the quality of the food she was eating and the improvement in her health and vitality. In the years following, she began researching food as medicine to help support the health of her children. After much success she enrolled at Endeavour College to gain qualifications with the aim to help others.

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