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We are looking for new recruits who want to take the sport of Powerlifting seriously, or at least want to train seriously to get strong!


Now, time for some truth bombs - 6 of them!


1. This is what we believe - if you tell us you are interested in Powerlifting, live within 30-min of our gym but don't train at our gym, we'll tell you you're not interested in Powerlifting. It's that simple.


2. We have lifters travel up to an hour to train and be a part of our team, why? Because they take it seriously and want to be part of a Powerlifting Club.


3. If you want to play tennis, who do you go and see? You sure as hell don't go to a volleyball coach. You go to a tennis coach and join a tennis club.


4. Our facility is one of the best, if not the best equipped Powerlifting facilities in the country, some even say the world. Some people don't quite get it. A barbell is not a barbell and a weight plate is not a weight plate. We are equipped with specialty gear used in the sport with the best available brands such as Eleiko, Ivanko, Goliath and AMFX.


5. If you compete, train on the equipment you'll be using on the platform! There's a reason one of the training principles is SPECIFICITY. Most of the Powerlifting in WA is run at our gym, think about it.

6. You can train at home in your garage all day, nothing beats training in a well equipped facility with a team of lifters around you and the coaches to support you. We often tell people when you walk in to our gym and breathe the air, you get stronger. There's something in that. We've seen lifters leave our gym to train at home then never make any more progress, why? Because Powerlifting is a team sport.

coaching and education

One of the largest

teams in the country!

A combined 20 years

experience in the sport!

Some of the best Powerlifting

competitions in the country!


Competition equipment,

and lots of it!

An official Hammer Strength

training facility.

"Join our team,

you won't regret it!"

Now... the question is, are you ready to put excuses aside and get serious? We hope so.


We work with beginners through to elite lifters and with our combined 20 years of experience in the sport working with hundreds of lifters, rest assure you are in good hands!


It's crunch time!


If you want to join the team, put in the work, get strong and be the best version of yourself then complete the form below!! 👇👇

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rucci's gym logo
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