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online coaching

Your complete online training service

Our Online Coaching is backed by the success of our gym and clients. For over a decade we have been helping our clients achieve a range of goals relating to body composition, strength, Powerlifting, general health & fitness, rehab and sports development.

​​Our team of coaches, lead by Dan and Paul Rucci, currently work with almost 200 clients from around the country.

We would love to work with you! Click APPLY NOW and let's get on the phone for a chat about how we can help you.

Dan & Paul Rucci

We offer two levels of service designed to suit your budget and support requirements. You'll find those details further below in the table. The primary difference is the support level. Our Platinum service clients receive a 24-hr turn around time on their session reviews and a 15-min phone call each week - great for clients needing that higher level of support.


What can you expect?


​✅ Improved lifting technique using qualitative video feedback.

✅ Individual planning and program design.

✅ Achieve long term, sustainable results and smash personal bests.

✅ If you compete in Powerlifting, an increase in Platform confidence by learning efficient and safe techniques and intelligent game day coaching.

✅ Support from coaches and other team members.

✅ and more!

some of the features
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The Onboarding process

The process of kicking off a new client - what you can expect!

service levels available

If you are interested in working with us please fill out the form below and we will get in touch!

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