Paul rucci

Director (B.EngH.)

Head Powerlifting Coach

APL Meet Director

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Paul is a co-owner and Director at Rucci’s Gym. He is an experienced Powerlifter and is currently preparing for his first Men's Physique show for ICN Season A 2020.

Paul is a Head Powerlifting Coach at Rucci’s Gym and always strives for technical excellence with his athletes. He has an analytical approach to training, programming and competing.

Paul is also considered one of the best meet directors in the country. He directed the 2nd APU Australian Classic Powerlifting Championships in November 2019 in Perth and it has been described as the best Powerlifting event of all time in Australia for an IPF affiliate or any other federation. The event currently stands as the biggest Powerlifting event in Western Australian history.

Paul is a coach who understands the grind and that sports mastery takes years of practice and beating on your craft.

Paul has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors.

Exercise & Sports Science Australia – ESSA #15778

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association – ASCA #8769

NCAS Level 1 Powerlifting Coach

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