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Happy Birthday PTC! 5 Years Old!

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Today marks a special day in our history…. today PTC Perth turns 5 years old. Long post warning.. sorry! But, worth a read. 📷🙂

Just over 5 years ago, three of us decided Perth had a severe lack of strength & conditioning facilities, especially in the northern corridor. We had already been competing in the sport of Powerlifting for a couple of years and had met owner of PTC, Markos. With his permission we decided our gym would take the name PTC and extend the PTC brand out west. It was an exciting time for us. The three of us had previously run businesses and have had our fair share of success and failures. Going in to this we believed we could make a difference, so we committed.

In the last 5 years we have grown, evolved, adapted, improved, refined and exploded, on many facets. If 5 years ago you would have told us we would be where we are today, we would have said you were smoking crack. In 5 years we have moved twice, each time growing the facility by more than double the size.

Our first gym was a very humble 170sqm of bliss, we loved it.

One day the business across the road was having a sausage sizzle. The business was Carboodle. We went over and we walked in to the building and Paul and I stood there and said to each other “imagine if this was our gym.”. We were literally dreaming. Well, today, we’re in that same building, living that dream. I’m sitting at my desk in that building, in that office space, writing this post. Winning. The universe works in mysterious ways. There’s a lesson there for all of us.

After about a year we outgrew v1 (our first gym) to the the point we had people waiting outside to come in and use equipment. v2 was born. We moved the gym to Camboon Road in to a 450sqm facility that was massive. It was a special time for Paul and I in particular because not long after we opened those doors on January 1st 2014, we lost our dad. We still have pics and video of him in the gym, walking, doing dumbell farmers walks, doing everything he could to stay alive. I’ve never met a stronger person in my life. I never heard him complain once. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer on January 25th 2014. It’s a moment in time I will personally never forget and it’s those moments I think about often. It was then I realised that strength is measured by more than kilos on a bar, I was changed forever.

Mid 2016 we decided again it was time to make a jump to a bigger, more suitable facility. One that gave us the space to have a permanent and world class competition setup, environment and provide a true premier strength facility.

When we were looking we couldn’t believe the old Carboodle building we were dreaming about only a few years before was available, and was perfect. We seized the opportunity…. and v3 was born. We left behind some amazing memories, including those of our dad Ron. #stRONg

For those that have seen the new gym, for those that train here and for those that have competed here… you have an understanding of how much love, passion and effort has gone in to this facility. We continue to grow, evolve, improve, refine and be the best we can. Even next month we have about $30k of equipment coming in including the new Wenning belt squat, Eleiko power bars, Eleiko competition bumpers, Eleiko competition oly bar, Eleiko combo and the new Transformer safety bar from Kabuki Strength Lab. We won’t stop either and the PTC you see today I am sure will look very different from the PTC we will see in 5 years, which is a good thing.

There are so many people to thank…. first and foremost, the members of PTC. You guys keep the dream alive. You guys are the ones who believe in what we do and the vision. Your support means the most and it’s because of you guys we continue to do what we do. Thank you.

To our ladies…. Heidi and Taryn. No words really can describe or articulate how important you both are to us. Your support and understanding is beyond words. Thank you. xo

To Markos and Nina. For having the foresight, vision and belief in us. Thank you for trusting us with the PTC brand. We hope we’ve done you and the brand proud.

Thank you to all of our clients and lifters who have been a part of PTC or competed in a competition here. We love doing what we do and every lift we witness on the platform here is pure poetry in motion for us to watch.

I am sure there are so many more people to thank… if so, I apologise for leaving you out, and thank you.

So, 5 years. An incredible milestone for us. We’re very appreciative we have had this opportunity to live this dream. We consider ourselves to be very lucky and promise that we will continue to do, continue to push the limits and continue to grow and evolve…. because, at the end of the day, if you’re not growing… you end.

Thanks for reading… HAPPY BIRTHDAY PTC PERTH. xoxo

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