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People’s Choice Runner-Up at the 2015 Malaga Business Excellence Awards

Last night Dan and I were able to meet, and sit down with fellow business owners at the 2015 Malaga Business Excellence Awards partnered with the City of Swan.

It was a fantastic evening and there was a lot of entertainment on offer too. One that resonates is young Sam. He’s the youngest Magician in the country! His card tricks were actually unbelievable. He was interviewed by the MC, Nick Way, who asked him, why he wanted to be a Magician. Sam said simply “Because I love doing Magic, and even though it’s a profession now, when I don’t want to do Magic anymore, I will stop doing Magic”.

This really hit home for me. I really love running our gym and helping our clients achieve results. The look on their faces, the smiles and so forth make it all worthwhile. We own and operate PTC Perth because we love it, simple as that.

Our members love what we do too, and months ago voted for PTC Perth for this award.

About a week ago, we were notified that we were a finalist to receive this award. Last night, we were presented with the Runner up People’s Choice Award winners for 2015!

We would like to first congratulate all the 2015 award winners in all categories, everyone at the Malaga Business District Association and especially our awesome members for voting for us.

We will continue to strive to be the best we can and provide the best strength facility possible, in all aspects.

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