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Ricaldo Steyn - Added 55kg to his total!

Since April 2021, Ricaldo has been working with Vinh and has been through two novice comps since he started.

The last comp was the November Novice Comp where he added 55kg to his total, 23 weeks after he previously competed.

Big welcome to Ricaldo for joining the 50kg club! Adding 50kg or more to your total in such a short period of time is not only a great feeling but really is amazing progress.

The kicker though.... he weighed in 6.4kg lighter. wow!

Great job to both Vinh and Ricaldo for setting a fantastic example of what can be achieved when not only the right systems are in place but they relentlessly followed.

Here are Ricaldos results from the November comp:

S: 210KG (+20kg meet PR)

B: 132.5kg (+2.5kg meet PR)

D: 220kg (+32.5kg meet PR)

T: 562.5kg at 99.45kg (+55kg meet PR)

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