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Ricaldo Steyn - Client Spotlight

Ricaldo has been working with Vinh Nguynen for 29 weeks now. Prior to coming on board with the Rucci’s team, his personal bests were a 180kg squat, 125kg bench and 180kg deadlift. Earlier in the year, after completing a 12-week competition prep he competed in the June Mega Novice where he achieved a 190kg squat, 130kg bench and a 187.5kg deadlift.⁣ Since the June comp, Ricaldo has continued working with Vinh to continually improve his lifting technically and develop a stronger base of strength. The November novice comp is next on the cards where further improvement in his numbers are coming, including a 200kg deadlift.⁣ Ricaldo is an excellent example of a hard worker. He works a physically demanding job with long hours and he still manages to find time to get his training in. He understands the importance of getting the work done and makes it a priority.⁣ Never underestimate the importance and value of coaching! If you want to get on the train and follow Ricaldos lead then reach out.

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