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strength club

Online Strength Club also available!

Rucci's Gym Strength Club is an inclusive package of training, coaching, accountability and real results. This is a semi-private model perfect for the person who...

  • Has been trying to get results but doesn't feel or look any different.

  • Is struggling with lifting technique or injuries.

  • Is unsure how to achieve their strength and fitness goals.

  • Is tired of commercial gyms, and would like to train under expert guidance by leaders in the strength game.

This program is results driven where the emphasis is on you!

It includes:

  • No more than 6 people per coach for concentrated coaching.

  • 4 week blocks of training (full program cycle is 12 weeks in length).

  • 3 x 1-hour semi-private training sessions and a FREE bonus class (valued at $30).

  • A  convenient session timetable with availability in the morning and evening.

  • A FREE InBody Body composition scan every 4 weeks for assessment (valued at $30).

  • Strength testing every 12 weeks.

  • A FREE initial consultation with our Clinical Nutritionist (valued at $180).

  • Continued nutrition guidance, support and accountability.

  • A FREE information workshop every 4 weeks.

  • Regular social events.

  • An exclusive Facebook group with at least one value post each week.

plus so much more...!

* All new members must complete our 4 week introduction program.

* Online version also available!

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If you are interested in Strength Club please apply below and we will be in touch!

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