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Deadlift Lockout

The IPF technical rules as well as all of the other rule books I've read, state that at the completion of the deadlift, the lifters knees must be locked out and shoulder back.⁣ So, knees and hips at full extension and shoulders not rounded forwards. All this whilst maintaining balance as to not stumble and fall. Easy right? Should be.⁣ To achieve balance the lifter must maintain their center of gravity within their base of support (right in the middle is best). This means creating an equal distribution of total weight (athlete plus bar) in front and behind the center of the base of support.⁣ ❌ The most common error we find is when lifters lean back at the top, allowing their trunk bracing to lax as they hinge on their lower back. To maintain balance, the lifter must then shift some weight forwards, allowing their knees to move forward and "unlock". This is NOT a properly completed deadlift.⁣ To finish off a deadlift⁣ ✔ Squeeze your quadriceps (pull knees back)⁣ ✔ Squeeze your glutes bringing your hips into full extension⁣ ✔ Maintain trunk bracing so you don't slouch⁣ ✔ Stand really tall⁣ ✔ Shoulders to the side⁣

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