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powerlifting coaching

Our clients have a range of personal goals including competition preparation, body re-composition, general fitness, strength training, rehabilitation and sports development – we do specialise in the sport of Powerlifting with experience in all facets of the sport. Our team of coaches, lead by Dan and Paul Rucci, currently work with over 130 lifters from beginners to the elite level.

Our Powerlifting Coaching provides a holistic approach to athlete development and delivers a level of service other “online coaching” fails to deliver. When you work with our team you draw from more than a combined 20 years of experience in the sport working with hundreds of lifters.

Dan & Paul Rucci

We have coached lifters of many levels to success from elite performances on the platform to return to training/sport protocols (rehabilitation).

We offer four levels of service, designed to suit your budget and support requirements. We do recommend the silver level for the most optimum level of service and support.


What can you expect?


​✅ Improved lifting technique using qualitative video feedback from a Powerlifting Coach.

✅ Increase in Platform confidence by learning efficient and safe techniques and intelligent game day coaching.

✅ Achieve long term, sustainable results and smash personal bests and platform performances.

✅ Individual planning and program design.

✅ Support from coaches and other team members.

Here's what you get...

Digital program delivery with iOS phone app and browser support.


Individual approach to planning and program design.

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You also get...

✅ Assessment and evaluation;

✅ Nutritional Guidelines with a Nutrition and Body Composition service (optional add on);

✅ Recovery Management;

✅ Competition planning and game day coaching (when available); and

​✅ A Facebook support group.

✅ and more! See below.

Qualitative video analysis to provide feedback to re-enforce and correct technique.

The Onboarding process

The process of kicking off a new client - what you can expect!

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If you are interested in working with us please fill out the form below and we will get in touch!

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